Story Starters For Creative Writing

Do your students just l-o-v-e writing spooky stories?My students cannot get enough of creative writing around this time of year.

What’s the difference between a writing prompts, story starters and creative writing exercises?

Well, many people use them interchangeably, but below are some more detailed definitions.

Here are 58 engaging and detailed illustrations that will inspire students' creative writing.

The images vary in complexity so that students with a wide range of critical thinking and writing abilities may engage meaningfully with them.

These ready-to-use worksheets can be used to augment any writing program, or may be used as a meaningful “filler” activity when students have spare time.

The illustrations may be used to generate ideas for short stories, poetry, letter writing, and much more!

I used to love the expression “tête-à-tête” for a private conversation between two folks, until the cyber spelling gizmo changed a pair of E’s to A’s, which made me envision a couple of lactating cows touching together their bovine parts, not a face-to-face exchange. Along the same lines, who doesn’t have a tale about clumsy fingers? Then one day, I learned the entire quote: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” In other words, blood shed in battle bonds soldiers more tightly than shared DNA.

It’s said that when President Nixon went to China to open trade and toasted the Chinese with a raised glass and the “bottoms up” expression, a Chinese man misspoke as he toasted back. Or, being too pressed to double check one’s text that autocorrect elves gleefully edited. I’m also fascinated by how many of us misunderstand the idiom and carry on in our lives for decades repeating the same maxim with aplomb, never realizing we’ve misinterpreted the thing. My late mother-in-law used to admonish us: “Blood is thicker than water.” I’d counter that I felt close friendships were tighter than the happenstance relationship of being kin. So the quote isn’t extolling family ties at all—and was more in keeping with my sentiments. Staring at photos on the computer doesn’t stir me as much as peering at them in an open album on my lap. Instead of chiming in with your own in a tit-for-tat battle to be heard, hear theirs. Over the phone, a pal of mine related her first date after widowhood.

As a writer, defy the odds and become a third type of person—the listener waiting to record.

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