Swat Team Research Paper

team and spontaneous on-the-spot service in the context of supporting the classroom teacher during the normal school day may occur.

In the inky darkness of early morning, the SRT disembarked from their vehicles and split into groups.

While it may have its share of drug problems, there is hardly any violent crime.

But when neighboring Springfield experienced a spike in robberies in the early 2000s, Ludlow Police decided this mill town of 21,000 souls needed another layer of protection.

The 2015-2016 team consists of five students in grades 10th-12th that were chosen based on the required application and academic standing.

team is to foster the natural technical skills of our students and provide an opportunity to use those skills in service to their school community.

A former Connecticut state trooper who now runs a law practice specializing in defending police from civil liberties claims, Daigle said, “If you have a team, you need to be running with the standards required by NTOA.

If not, you’re going to impose some significant damages on your agency and your officers.”Stephen M.

So, it established a Special Response Team, or SRT.

Although it doesn’t have an armored vehicle like many SWAT teams, Ludlow SRT has most of the other gear associated with tactical operations.


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