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This is exactly the kind of dishonest parodies of scientists the Communist Party of China is nurturing, via its TCM-imbibed wisdom.What else can you expect when academic science is controlled by an undemocratic nationalistic regime?In other words, what can we use to improve our treatments today. Chapters of the Huang Di Nei Jing are grouped per topic. In these articles Kris Oosting explores the classical TCM texts for quality guidelines which are still applicable for today's clinical practice.

Some participants will conclude this course with a paper on a choosen subject. It is worth for anyone of us to spend our life-time studying it, enjoying it and preserving it! He is Vice-chairman of the China National TCM Association, and a member of the standing committee of China National Congress, and vice-chairman of the Shan Dong Congress Committee and is responsible for medical issues.

Both Editor-in-Chief and publisher executive saw no problem there because the paper passed peer review.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not just some pseudo-scientific quackery one can easily laugh at and dismiss.

Although this book contains a wealth of information, it is not always easy accessible.

During this course the Huang Di Nei Jing will be discussed for clinical application. Li Jie on 81 Confusing Questions of TCM with Answers from the TCM Classics for Today's Clinical Application November 14 and 15 in The Netherlands For more information and registration, please visit the course description page..


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