Teachers Against Prejudice Essay

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At the time I was developing this lesson, I was teaching at James Monroe Elementary, a K–6 school in Santa Rosa, California.

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We are trying to show how the bad feelings start, rather than how they escalate into violent actions.

And remind them that all the usual rules of good writing apply: using metaphors or similes and plenty of sensory details.

Presentation of Supplementary Material When I taught this lesson, I brought in pictures from Toni Morrison’s book .

The photos in this book are from 19, when a new law requiring schools to desegregate was starting to be enforced.

” Or you can tell your students they might choose to write about a time when someone was kind and made them feel better.

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If students are having trouble getting started, you can provide some of the following starters: are used to hurt (or help) us. Miley Cyrus by Alexis Hernandez Abundis People call me Miley Cyrus, even though I am a boy.

Next, invite the class to read some of Rankine’s poems on the handout.

You may need to fill in a little background information about the airplane trip and why a busy professional person might have priority seating, even if they’re not rich.

Ask the class to think deeply about times when they have been made to feel different, or “less than,” whether because of their race or some other factor.

Tell them that everyone, at some point, has probably experienced this feeling: If you think it would be helpful, you can give the class an example from your own experience.


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