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Not only are the jars unyielding to the touch, but even their number and order are fixed. So let’s explore the form and function of this model of writing, considering both the functions it serves and the damage it does. The point is that learning to write is extraordinarily difficult, and teaching people how to write is just as hard. [Stanley] Fish distils the message into a single paradoxical commandment for writers: ‘You shall tie yourself to forms and the forms shall set you free.’ The five-paragraph essay format is an effort to provide a framework for accomplishing all this. Content, meaning, style, originality and other such values are extraneous – nice but not necessary. Teachers grade them on their skills at jar-filling.There are five of them, which, according to the recipe, need to be filled in precise order. I trace its roots to a series of formalisms that dominate US education at all levels. Writers need to figure out what they want to say, put it into a series of sentences whose syntax conveys this meaning, arrange those sentences into paragraphs whose syntax carries the idea forward, and organise paragraphs into a structure that captures the argument as a whole. The issue is this: as so often happens in subjects that are taught in school, the template designed as a means toward attaining some important end turns into an end in itself. When everyone follows the formula, no one has to work very hard.In my mind, writing and thinking are two sides of the same process.

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Now that students understand how to combine sentences into larger structures, it's time to move on to writing essays.

There are a number of lesson plans and resources on this site that help out with the many steps involved in developing the necessary writing skills.

To focus on combining simple sentences into more compound structures, use this ​simple to compound sentence worksheet.

And having struggled to put them into persuasive words, you learn a bit more about how to think. There are plenty of good reasons to write in the passive voice, and sometimes the best lede is not a summary.

That’s worth a lot more than jar-filling, but it’s harder to grade and demands a smaller class. Start with title and lede that delivers your meaning. Am I just turning out a collection of writers following a different, but equally corrupting, series of rules? I’ve provided guidelines that I think are helpful; think of them as a set of tools. I don’t specify structure and I don’t supply templates — you have to think those up on your own.


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    Another issue is that traditional five paragraph essays are certainly a little old school. However, I still feel that understanding the structure of your basic hamburger essay will serve students well when putting together future written work.…

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