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Now that you're a Clemson graduate student, you've earned access to an array of University and Grad School resources and services.Whether you're newly accepted, prepping for graduation, or anywhere in between, the Graduate School invites you to use the STUDENTS section of our website as a convenient portal for information.Make sure you critically engage fully with the relevant literature; again, you may need to review what has been published since you wrote your dissertation and include some new references.

The formatting guidelines have not changed, but the guidebook, introduced in Spring 2018, provides a compact, searchable and convenient way to access them.

Image Credit: Dean Terry, Flickr CC BY-ND-2.0 I studied for the MSc Social Research Methods in 2012.

I know from recent contact with one of the centres that they are under continued pressure from funding cuts and I feel that I have at least been able to provide them with some potentially useful research that may help them with their argument against these cuts.

Academic journals though often have a limited audience and I would be naïve to think that my article will have any immediate impact on homeless policy.

Required Orientations If you are a new degree-seeking graduate student, you're required to attend New Graduate Student Orientation.

In addition, you will need to complete the online Graduate Onboarding Program once you receive your CU login (username and password).

This demonstrates an understanding of your particular field and will increase your credibility.

Be prepared for disappointment and frustration if your article is rejected by a journal.

Our list of online program offerings continues to grow.

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