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The Apply Texas application is found throughout the state of Texas, so every college uses the same format or version for this type of essay; this goes for all Public universities as well as some of the private universities.There is also the Common Application which is also accepted wherever the Apply Texas application is.

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Every college in Texas sets their own requirements for accepting students.

One part of the requirement is that a potential student will write an essay the right way.

The second part of this is to describe things; people, home, community or neighborhood.

When you consider the first part of the question, you are going to think back and probably picture running outside as a child.

You need to consider that this topic question has two parts.

The first part, you are going to explore the environment you were raised in.Topic A is the first prompt on the Apply Texas application.This prompt is asking you to think back to your past when you were small.You have the chance to write about what matters to you or what you are passionate about.This will also reflect on your values, and the officers get a better idea of how they can help you reach your goals.The App found on the Apply Texas website has a lot of useful information that can help you apply to the college of your choice, but it's always a good idea to visit the admissions website to make sure you have everything you need for that particular college.The admission department works diligently to create classes that are filled with students from many different backgrounds bringing their strengths as well as their weaknesses, dreams, and goals from each one.Topic A - Prompt: Describe the environment that you were raised in at home. How did these factors contribute to who you are today? For example, Topic A - Outside, Topic B - Inside, Topic C - The future. Topic B is going to focus on the passions that you have on the inside and how these passions define who you are.Topic B - Prompt: Considering your own unique talent, interest, and identity, tell us about you. Topic C will want to know where you plan to go when you leave your hometown.These three prompts are found on the UT Austin Essay Application though. When writing an essay, you will see that there are no word limits; however, many colleges will suggest that the essays be a total of 1 to 1 1/2 pages long.In addition to the application and the essay, some colleges will also use that essay to help determine potential scholarship awards, honor programs, and other special majors that not everyone will qualify for.


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