The Party I Will Never Forget Essay

To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.Each party tried to destroy the influence of the other in that area, and the bad blood that existed between them had caused several deaths and great misery to innocent people for a long time.

Certain incidents so impress us that they leave an indelible mark on our memory.

I was once involved in an incident of which I shall always have vivid recollections.

While I was listening to this account of facts and events, the situation suddenly took an ugly turn.

A man who had been standing a short distance away from us ran into his house most unexpectedly, and within minutes his house was ablaze.

My friends and I then ran towards his house to put out the fire; but we were stopped by a few burly men who were holding lethal weapons in their hands.

They threatened to kill if we offered any help to anyone.The members of the rival parties therefore enjoyed almost complete freedom of action.The police arrived only when there was news of violence, and often long after the damage has been done.One of them had even struck me on my head with a stick.We realized instantly that we were no match for them and that discretion was the better part of valor. Soon the fire from that house began to spread and several houses were burning. Men, women, and children were running in all directions in their desperate attempts to save whatever they could from the fire, in spite of the interference of the gangsters.All of a sudden, a boy of my age came rushing towards us to break the news that violence had broken out in the neighborhood.Alarmed at this news, we began to protect ourselves, and before long the violence spread like wild fire throughout our area.I was a little confused at first for I had no idea about the cause of the outbreak of violence there.One of my friends told me that the area had been notorious for such occurrence owing to rivalry between two parties.A few of the unfortunate ones were burned to death, including the man who had set fire to his own house.We then concluded that the man must have been so disgusted with what we had seen for so long that he had no more desire to live, and this was his way of putting an end to himself. Then, after several hours, the police arrived when more than a quarter of the village had already been burned to ashes.


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