The Roaring Twenties 1920s Essay

The Roaring Twenties 1920s Essay-67
Ford's assembly line means of production was the key.The automobile's popularity, and construction of roads and highways pouring fresh public funds into the economy brought tremendous economic prosperity during the roaring twenties.Ironically, the twenties are often thought of as a time with careless drinking, when actually, it was illegal in that decade to sell or consume alcohol.

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These problems included are the like of robberies, street…

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When we picture the twenties, we picture people dancing, listening to jazz and driving Model Ts.

Also, in the twenties, the pretty was quite prosperous.

A ban All of these forces came together to help the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment.

Prohibition caused a huge division in the people and citizens in the United States.

People spent money for better roads, tourism, and holiday resorts.

New business and production methods along with progressive business philosophies allowed manufacturers to boost turnover and to make large profits which they plowed back into new factories and wage rises.

Though the Roaring twenties was an exciting time for america, there were also many faults.

Prohibition laws were passed in America during the 1920s with the intention of decreasing some of already present issues in the American society.


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