The Yellow Wallpaper Research Paper

Her husband, a physician of “high standing,” cares of her until he passed on his responsibility to another.

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John is a typical dominate male, molding his wife to his ideal of a commodity.

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Throughout time women have constantly battled for equality with men.

In many literature works, feminism has been a major theme.When John and his wife discuss her disease, she states, “John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that.” It only conveys that notion of the male view towards women as inferior, submissive, and mindless.John is a prominent physician who forces his wife to believe and listen to him.Because of this, John can be seen as the antagonist in "The Yellow Wallpaper." Although he, as a physician, claims his treatment of rest and confinement will cure her, it is he who stands most in the way of the narrator's recovery.The narrator senses this herself, "...perhaps that is one reason I do not get well faster. " and eventually must find ways to deceive him so that she can carry on with her writing, as she is "...absolutely forbidden to 'work' until I am well again" But, if John does not believe that his wife is actually sick, can he really be trying very hard to cure her?The main character exclaims, “He does not know how much I really suffer.He knows there is no reason to suffer and that satisfies him.”(Gilman, 42) He believes that she really is not ill and dismisses her illness as “silly.” John controls her creativity by not allowing her to write, controls her motherhood by not allowing her to see her child and controls her thoughts and ideas by not allowing her to speak of them.The “Rest Cure” was a way to subjugate and demoralize women.It consisted of actions that made women helpless and reliant on the (male) doctor (a prevalent theme throughout history).The issue of feminism is prevalent within the disease of the main character, the characters, and even the setting of the story.The main character of The Yellow Wallpaper is based on Charlotte Gilman.


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