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The instructions will be made available to copyeditors, authors, and section editors in the Submission Editing stage.The Layout Editor transforms the copyedited versions of the submission into galleys in HTML, PDF, PS, etc., files which the journal has elected to use for electronic publication.

The Copyeditor edits submissions to improve grammar and clarity, works with authors to ensure everything is in place, ensures strict adherence to the journal's bibliographic and textual style, and produces a clean, edited copy for the Layout Editor to turn into the galleys that will be in the published format of the journal.

The privacy statement will appear on the About the Journal section of your web site.

Because you will be asking people to register with your journal and collecting their personal information, it is important to let them know of your policies in this regard.

You can get started quickly by filling in the most important information first (journal name, principal contact, etc.) and returning to the details later.

This form provides general details about your journal, including the name, abbreviation, address, print or online ISSNs, and DOI.


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