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- Language plays an important in our lives, for children this is a critical time for them to learn how they can use language to communicate effectively from the when they learn through school and into adulthood.[tags: Second language, English language] - The only way to communicate with my grandparents was to learn how to speak Arabic, so when I was growing up my first language was Arabic.As I got older, I spoke with others in Arabic as well, but sometimes I wouldn’t understand them and later on my mom explained that every area in the Middle East has different dialects. I find it interesting that Arabic is one language, but yet there are so many ways to say water.In order to communicate they need language it can be a sign language or spoken language.There are many different types of languages spoken in this world.Business between countries has grown and connections have grown with it as well.The world is a boundless place full of many different cultures and has “roughly 6,900” languages around the world that are all unique in t...While a child goes through school they are exposed to Standard English, but there are diversities that appear in the classroom for example culture plays a part in language development.Gee and Hayes (2011) stated that there are many things that language can be including; a set of rules, a cognitive experience, a social tool or an object, but overall language is something that changed based on culture and social context....[tags: Language ] - Communication is very important.People have to communicate in order to run their daily lives.


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