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Suppose you’re writing about your favorite high school English teacher. She spent a lot of time helping me, and I got better grades and felt better about myself.

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I and, my family travelled to Paris for summer vacation.

Paris is a Beautiful city known for it Architecture, Museums and the Eiffel Tower.

You can also sum up your essay’s main idea with a more general statement. For your first attempt, just get the ideas into a sentence any way you can. A humorous essay can have a humorous thesis; a serious one should not. Be willing to revise your thesis to make the wording better. Keep at it till you’re happy with the flow of the sentence.

For example, in narrative essays, you’ll often see a thesis like: It was the worst day of my life. If you use these tips, you’re sure to discover that writing a good thesis isn’t as hard as you thought it was. Diagramming sentences remains the single best way to visualize and understand English grammar.

(Since this is in the future I don’t know what I am going to choose) So with my decision I would go down the mountain and the world better watch out because I was ready to take my stand in society.

If I want to take my stand in society hen I need to do the hardest part of climbing Mt. If I slip on ice, my body would be crushed from the impact of the rocks.

It uses the word “enjoyed” to indicate that you had fun.

And instead of just saying “nice weather,” it’s says specifically that the days were sunny and warm.

It was my first time, visiting the extraordinary city.

Every tiny little detail about Paris blew my mind; however, One day something happened that I felt like my world is turning upside down.


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