Thesis On Education For Sustainable Development

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Recommendations made in this study build on the recommendations advanced in ‘Education for Sustainability’ The National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in Ireland, 2014-2020.

Across the three educational levels opportunities for integrating education for sustainable development have been advanced.

Three colleges were then utilised as case studies to evaluate the use of the learning and teaching materials, within the curriculum, with staff and students.

During the research period, the Scottish college sector underwent a major restructuring of college mergers, making this the most volatile period in Scottish college history.

Overall, the integration of education for sustainable development within contemporary education in Ireland is important, especially within the context of achieving a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy.

Education is seen to have a central role in the transition towards a sustainable future.

As a part of an answer to this challenge the need was recognized for a reorientation of the education processes towards developing knowledge, attitudes and skills for resolving the issues.

This was the birth of the concept of Environmental Education (EE).

In addition, this research asked, what is the role of Education for Sustainable Development within contemporary education in Ireland and how can this role be developed?

In terms of addressing these questions, from a macro perspective, this study aimed to advance understanding of sustainable development and education for sustainable development, through the development of a conceptual framework for sustainability.


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