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National identity has been posited as an 'imaginary community' that in reality is formed of many separate and fragmented communities defined more by social class, economic class, sexuality, gender, generation, religion, ethnicity, political belief and fashion, than nationality.The increasingly transnational practices in film funding, production and distribution combined with the 'imagined community' thus provide the basis for an argued shift towards a greater use of transnational, rather than national, perspectives within film studies.(...) to date the discourse of cinematic transnationalism has been characterized less by competing theories and approaches than by a tendency to use the term ‘transnational’ as a largely self-evident qualifier requiring only minimal conceptual clarification.

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These include the OU Cinema Studies arranges an annual trip to TIFF, North America’s most important film festival.

Students experience the festival at ground level, attending screenings, industry panel discussions and networking events.

Cinema Studies at Oakland University is dedicated to interdisciplinary and creative investigations of how moving image works are produced, experienced and valued in our culture and around the world. in cinema studies, with its focus on a critical studies perspective, or the B. in cinema studies with a specialization in filmmaking, with its focus on hands-on digital film production. in Cinema Studies is a liberal arts-based program in film history, theory and criticism, including coursework in film genres, aesthetics, industry and technology, filmmaking and screenwriting, as well as advanced seminars. in Cinema Studies with a specialization in filmmaking The B. in Cinema Studies with a specialization in filmmaking is a new offering of the Cinema Studies program, starting in the fall of 2017. The broad-based approach gives students hands-on experience with every aspect of narrative, documentary, essay, short-form and experimental filmmaking, from writing scripts, directing and cinematography to editing and post-production effects work.

Cinema Studies students work closely with OU faculty to gain a thorough understanding of film history, critical approaches to film and filmmaking. This wide-ranging and intensive program will provide Cinema Studies majors and minors with the critical-thinking, communication and production skills to enter careers within the film industry and a variety of other professions. It culminates in a capstone course in which students do substantive research and writing on topics ranging from eco-cinema to Hollywood stardom, from Detroit media to audience and reception theory. It culminates in an intensive capstone course that enables students to graduate having produced a substantive thesis film project.

The details are not onerous but they must be followed scrupulously. It gives you an opportunity to do research, explore a topic, reflect on issues and structure an essay in a more leisurely manner than is possible for a term paper in a single course.

Used properly, 897 will make the actual task of writing the thesis essay that much easier.Over time our focus has expanded to include broadcast television, video art, and digital media.After years of being steeped in an interdisciplinary, international approach, many alumni go on to careers in museum film departments, archives, and programming; journalism; or in the film industry as filmmakers, screenwriters, and editors.The thesis is typically a written research paper of no more than 35 pp maximum on a topic that you research and develop with faculty guidance.Ideally, you will begin to plan your thesis in 700 and perhaps in 610 (Senior Seminar devoted to research projects) during the first year, before enrolling in 897, so that you can submit a Proposal for approval well before the end of the fall term in second year and then proceed to complete research and begin the writing phase before or during the December-January break.THE MA THESIS PROPOSAL AND THESIS: CINEMA STUDIES PROCEDURES AND FORMAT 1.Two courses support the MA Thesis: Cine 897 and Cine 898.Contact: Professor Courtney Brannon Donoghue ( [email protected]).These workshops give attendees a chance to gain valuable experience in specialized areas of digital film production and post-production through close interaction with faculty and industry professionals.The University's deadline for the submission of the thesis is published in the Bulletin along with other deadlines and is also available in the Graduate Division Office and on-line under the Graduate Division.The published deadline is for the submission of the Thesis after it has been completely polished, properly formatted, and your Thesis committee has signed off, signifying their approval. A booklet is available in the Library, "Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Theses and Written Creative Work," that covers the details of this process. The overall goal of Cine 897 is to help you find a good thesis and to organize a solid essay on it.


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