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However, it ended up becoming a very lucrative criminal activity.

Today, there are malware (malicious software) being spread by email or infected sites, and even by artificial intelligence, which simulates real conversations in chats to convince the victim to click on a contaminated link., which is as treacherous as its namesake in Greek mythology.

In the last century, letters and telegrams were used to communicate written material over long distances.

However, today just one click is enough to send a message to the other side of the world.

Just as every thesis has its antithesis, the internet world found its executioner in computer viruses.

There are many unfortunate people who, because of computer viruses, end up losing everything, from their images and music, to valuable works, and even thesis projects.His tutor at the Faculty of Computing of the AMA college in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was anxiously awaiting the thesis of his most outstanding student.The final text, delivered at the beginning of February in 2000, had spelling mistakes and poor writing.If the virus “I love you” spread so quickly, it was because everyone liked the idea of ​​receiving an anonymous love letter.The famous love letter was the product of the disgust of a disgruntled student with his faculty, the revenge of Onel, because they rejected his thesis.The story behind the catastrophic message created by Onel de Guzman, will surprise many people, including you.Without further ado, the story of one of the most lethal thesis projects in history: I Love world did not know what was coming, but at the beginning of the new century, a cupid from cyberspace was finishing his destructive message of love.Technology has become a fundamental part of our daily life.Nowadays, every modern process uses computers to perform their actions.To further disarm the victim’s defenses, the e-mail came almost always in the name of a friend or acquaintance.Although it had no destructive load, the love letter caused deep havoc by producing an unprecedented e-mail branch that congested servers around the world, causing billions of dollars of losses for companies around the world.


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