Thesis Report On Software Testing

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(A paper based on this thesis was published in PROFES 2016) I always have the goal that master theses I supervise should be published.I will generally help and encourage students to publish if the work is good enough.

I have extensive experience in supervising (42) and examining (100 ) Master Theses in Software Engineering, Software Technology, and Software Development.

Below you can find some examples of theses I have supervised as well as thesis topics I am interested in.

However, my interests are broad; if you are a good student don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss it.

If you are not a student with top grades and ambition do not bother; I get very many requests and it is unlikely I can help you.

My thesis was examined and passed in late November.

Overall, it was a very exciting, creative and rewarding process.A large number of papers in my publication list are the results from master thesis projects. (submitted 2008) , "Predicting Fault Inflow in Iterative Software Development Processes: An Industrial Evaluation", 19th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, Seattle, USA, 11-14 November, 2008.The students are always included in a publication based on their thesis project; depending on the level of contribution to the work itself and to the final paper we will decide on author order. , "Towards Individualized Software Engineering: Empirical Studies Should Collect Psychometrics", In ICSE Workshop on Cognitive and Human Aspects on Software Engineering, pp. The meetings have also provided me with the opportunity to mix with a very diverse group of people who consider testing to be their career and one of their passions. I received a scholarship from the SIGIST for a year of my post-graduate research.As well as the obvious financial benefit to myself, it enabled me to gain a different perspective on my testing and research that I would not have gained from academia alone.In December 1999 I was able to address the SIGIST meeting - which was one of my scholarship deliverables.As it was the first time I had to address such a large audience, it was a very nerve-racking experience - probably the most nerve-racking of my life to date.Although I must confess it is much easier for me to think of it in those terms after my 250 page thesis was written and passed than during the many long months of writing thinking "Is it ever going to be finished? I loved my time at Sheffield University (currently named The Sunday Times - University of the Year) and as a member of the Verification and Testing Research Group.I'd like to thank Professor Holcombe and the SIGIST for enabling my dream to become a reality.Speaking to an audience of 200 testing experts in order to explain my research was quite a challenging task. I raced through my Power Point presentation - almost exclusively reading aloud the contents of my slides verbatim because I couldn't remember what I wanted to say.However, by the time that I'd got into my stride it was over and I was thanking the audience for their attention.


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