Thinking And Critical Thinking

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Analyzing information means to break information down to its component parts and evaluate how well those parts function together and separately.Analysis relies on observation; on gathering and evaluating evidence so you can come to a meaningful conclusion. Critical thinkers challenge themselves to identify the evidence that forms their beliefs and assess whether or not those sources are credible.

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However, it’s impossible for people to remain completely objective, because we’re all shaped by our points of view, our life experiences and our perspectives.Doing this helps you understand your own biases and question your preconceived notions.This is an important step in becoming aware of how biases intrude on your thinking and recognizing when information may be skewed.When looking at information, ask yourself who the information benefits.Does the source of this information have an agenda?In many scenarios, you’ll be presented with information that may seem valuable, but it may turn out to be only a minor data point to consider.Consider if a source of information is logically relevant to the issue being discussed.Is it truly useful and unbiased, or it is it merely distracting from a more pertinent point?Information doesn’t always come with a summary that spells out exactly what it means.They make some of the best leaders, because they can reach new planes of self-improvement and self-actualization.If you’re hoping to reach your full potential and make your mark on the world, cultivate the following 16 characteristics of critical thinkers.


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