Thinking And Decision Making Paper Mgt 350

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4) A critical thinker balances effectiveness and efficiency when deciding how to approach a problem.

Depending upon the situation, a proper approach may be to do nothing, to use a ready-made solution, or to design a custom made solution.

When it comes to effective leadership decision-making, it’s both a quality and a quality issue.

As a leader, your ability to make sound decisions is imperative; knowing just how much time to invest in deciding can make or break your personal effectiveness and, by extension, that of your department and organization.

In a TED Talk called How to Make Choosing Easier, Iyengar reports that scientists who documented the many decisions related to those 139 tasks found that that 50 percent of the choices related to task completion took nine minutes or less.

Not all decisions are reached quickly, however; about 12 percent of CEO decisions require an hour or more of thought.He knows that if he informs the customer of this, he will miss out on the substantial commission he would earn by performing the work that the customer already expects.The compensation structure employed by Bill’s garage has created the ethical dilemma of 36) The moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business are called 40) A company has decided to fund a summer basketball league for young people in the community.However, Jan has been unable to secure enough applicants with the technical skills needed to operate this computerized facility.Jan’s implementation plan was most deficient in its consideration of 35) Bill is an automotive mechanic, paid on the basis of the repair dollars that he generates for his employer.Your daily work life is made up of numerous tasks, all of which require decision-making.According to Sheena Iyengar, a Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and author of The Art of Choosing, the average CEO works on 139 tasks per week.Choosing a ready-made solution, rather than designing a custom made solution, implies 5) Jane has a term paper due, a sick child who needs her attention, and a major project due at work.To save time, she decides to submit a paper for school that is less than her best, but will earn a passing grade.28) Jan has been selected to implement her company’s decision to expand her company’s manufacturing operation into a new location.Six months into this project, the building has been completed, and machinery installed.


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