This I Believe Essay On Respect

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When you’re grateful for what you have and aware of others around you, you accept what you have and aren’t always grabbing for more.

All I'm asking for is a bit of time throughout your precious day to be a good person.

Maybe next time I will bring a phone bin and a dictionary in case anyone in the audience doesn't show me any respect.

I believe in peace between Americans and and America’s neighbours .

This has to do with the constant inability to compromise with and help one another.

When it comes to respecting anyone in this kind of situation, what doesn't matter is whether or not you like the person who is presenting, how much effort they actually put toward this project, the actual topic they are discussing itself, how many sources they have or how many mistakes they have made compared to everyone else who presented.

The only thing that matters is being a decent human being by giving that person your full eyes, full ears, and your head up.But your immediate judgments should not be the priority.What is your priority is giving the presenter full eye contact with the two eyes that you have instead of the two eyes that you "don't have" by looking down at your phone.In the end, all I want is for you to show me that you care about what I have worked so hard on to show to you.What I am putting out there in front of you is for your entertainment.I am grateful that I live in a house and have my own possessions like clothing and a phone.Even with the freedom and rights that we have in America, there is still division and animosity.So you all deserve an audience who will give you their undivided attention and show RESPECT towards you.According to, respect means: "a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements."Now, does respect mean that you are looking down on your phone the entire time someone is up there presenting? Respect means showing someone that you are there to listen to them instead of scrolling through Instagram, which you can do at any other point in time throughout your day.Have you ever started working on a project at the very last minute and you believe that you did a really bad job?Do you get the butterflies in your stomach right before you utter your first word in front of all of those eyes that are staring you down?


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