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The purpose of a literature review is to: What to include You will want to do a broad survey of the existing literature on your topic.

This will include scholarly research articles, books, theses, dissertations.

So if your paper still does not appear to be defined by a central, guiding concept, or if it does not critically analyse the literature selected, then you should make a new outline based on what you have said in each section and paragraph of the paper, and decide whether you need to add information, to delete off-topic information, or to restructure the paper entirely. Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide.

For example, look at the following two passages and note that Student A is merely describing the literature and Student B takes a more analytical and evaluative approach, by comparing and contrasting.

If, for example, you find that each paragraph begins with a researcher’s name, it might indicate that, instead of evaluating and comparing the research literature from an analytical point of view, you have simply described what research has been done.

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This is one of the most common problems with student literature reviews.The literature review is generally in the format of a standard essay made up of three components: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.It is not a list like an annotated bibliography in which a summary of each source is listed one by one.The Library would be the best place to search for your sources.The number of sources that you will be required to review will depend on what the literature review is for and how advanced you are in your studies.You can also see that this evaluative approach is well signalled by linguistic markers indicating logical connections (words such as “however,” “moreover”) and phrases such as “substantiates the claim that,” which indicate supporting evidence and Student B’s ability to synthesize knowledge. Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy: The Matrix Method. Source: University of Guelph Library: Writing a Literature Review. “A literature review is both a summary and explanation of the complete and current state of knowledge on a limited topic as found in academic books and journal articles.There are two kinds of literature reviews you might write at university: one that students are asked to write as a stand-alone assignment in a course, often as part of their training in the research processes in their field, and the other that is written as part of an introduction to, or preparation for, a longer work, usually a thesis or research report” Source: University of Guelph Library – Writing a Literature Review You may be asked to write a stand alone literature review on a given topic, or you may be required to conduct a literature review as part of a larger piece of research, such thesis or dissertation.Talk to your professor, brainstorm, and read lecture notes and recent issues of periodicals in the field.Write a one or two sentence statement summarizing the conclusion you have reached about the major trends and developments you see in the research that has been done on your subject. If your literature review is extensive, find a large table surface, and on it place post-it notes or filing cards to organize all your findings into categories.


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