Tuesdays With Morrie Meaning Of Life Essay

Tuesdays With Morrie Meaning Of Life Essay-18
You can see that Mitch regretted how bad he treated his brother as kids.

When I spoke my teachers knew there was something missing.

When I went to school the next day my teacher took me into a special room, the speech lab. All I remember is that I was asked to say certain sentences that were written on a black board. My mother took me to the doctor and the same thing happened.

I remember seeing the doctor speaking to my mother. A couple of months went by and it was back to the doctors.

Later that day when we were going home my mother had me saying words I had trouble pronouncing. At the age of six, I was diagnosed with dysarthria I still have trouble saying it.

He was actually the one to break the news to his family.

Morrie’s emotional state about his mother’s death was a tragic one.

She always made Morrie happy; she encourages him and was very diligent in how successful Morrie had to be with his grades.

In this same flashback it is revealed that one day Morrie’s father takes him to work. He vows never to work at any place that would exploit or abuse a person. Morrie tells Mitch that if he is ready to accept death is coming, then he would be able to enjoy life more.

In this recollection we saw how much Morrie suffered emotionally, how he had prayed frequently at a synagogue.

One more occurrence in this memory about Morrie is how a step-mother comes into his life.


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