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These trends were caused by popularization of new medium and its advantages for common citizens.A great number of innovative educational TV programs were developed in the United States during the late 1960s and early 1970s.These benefits are largely attributed to a narrow segment of television programs which are......

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It is possible that older children have more background knowledge to call upon and better information-processing skills.

Indeed, (“Educational Television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.) Educational Television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words.

Why are the best shows on TV aired at the so called prime time slot and how do TV networks know that all of my family members sit in front went wipeout is running on ABC and when everybody gets up.

These questions are basic essence of my research conducted and ABC channel being my prime lab rodent to experiment upon.

Ultimately, though, whether or not children learn from TV depends on a mixture of factors which relate to viewers' background knowledge and interests, reasons for watching TV, degree of concentration and attention while viewing, and the way that programs are produced (Razel 2001).

Some of educational TV productions are broadcast as part of mainstream TV for children, while others have been specially made for schools audiences.The major force behind many of these productions was the Children's TV Workshop (CTW), which combined the talents of educational advisors, professional researchers, and TV producers.The programs made by CTW were carefully crafted pieces of TV which were guided by detailed research among members of target audiences.It was found that with educational TV programs that contained more than one theme, recall and comprehension levels again indicated that children can and do learn from such programs.The children correctly recalled 60 per cent and correctly understood 53 per cent of material tested from these programs These global figures, however, conceal significant age differences.Education philosophy variously features deduction by lecture and analysis, or induction from experience and discussion, or a combination of both forms of instruction.Researches prove that how well viewers are able to learn and remember from TV can depend significantly on how the information is presented.Older children generally scored much higher than younger children.Age was also highly correlated with general knowledge (Flew, 2002).Failure to fulfill this potential frequently stems from program-makers' misunderstanding of audience needs, interests and learning abilities.When audience research is used wisely, however, some very effective, as well as popular, productions have resulted.


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