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, a TV show that has probably ruined you so badly that you never want to think about it ever again.Well guess what, you have to, because the only way to be healed is to extract these feelings by bursting your heart open like an emotions piñata until all your tears spill out like candy. where someone isn’t breaking someone else’s heart, or crying, or becoming a paraplegic or making a devastating decision or having the shit kicked out of them because of a misunderstanding, or just getting like super muddy, the kind of muddy where it’s all on your face and in your eyes.

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They could very easily get through a fourth season or even (pie in the sky time) several seasons with Eric stuck coaching the runts of the town while Wade Aikman tries to ride JD Mc Coy's arm back to State, and it would still be "Friday Night Lights." (**) According to this very interesting interview that Jason Katims did with Sporting News writer Chris Littmann, Landry and Julie were both juniors this year, and would therefore be in play for a fourth year.As with so many things in the finale, it felt right. Lyla in particular turns out to have an uncle who can magically solve all her college tuition problems, and Katims and Jeffrey Reiner obviously deemed her inner struggle over whether to stick with Tim or go to her dream school not interesting enough to actually show.But I found the maturity with which she accepted Tim's refusal to hold her back a nice contrast to the girl from the start of season one who had built her whole life around Jason Street.A fourth season with Eric as coach at East Dillon -- with lousy facilities, no boosters, and all the good players gerrymandered into the Dillon High district by Buddy and Joe Mc Coy -- has potential to not only be very different, but really inspiring.It's one thing to see Eric work in a system where he's the master of all he surveys, and quite another for him to be running a team where "Lance"(**) could conceivably be his most talented player.Last time (or not): Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!Some other thoughts:* I joked at the end of season one that a renewed "Friday Night Lights" would feature NBC-mandated changes like murder mysteries and Tyra and Lyla working at a bikini car wash.I've enjoyed this season overall, but these last couple of episodes, and the set-up with Eric taking over East Dillon High, has me for the first time really pulling for renewal."Tomorrow Blues" does a fine job of seeing off several of the graduating characters.If we never see Riggins or Lyla or Tyra again, then I'll be okay with it because their exits (Tim and Tyra's, especially) were handled with such grace.Even just thinking about every bad thing that happens to Matt Saracen will make you cry.Matt’s dad, who has been fighting in Iraq for most of the show, dies horribly in the later seasons and has a very sad funeral, and this still isn’t the most devastating thing that happens to Matt Saracen on this show.


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