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Including the goals at the beginning of the assignment helps students understand why this paper “matters.” Understanding the differences between how students and faculty look at writing assignments can help you create better assignments for your course.Colorado State’s writing program recommends writing your ideal paper and then working backwards to be able to name the clear goals that you want to set forth for students.

Or, you could analyze an existing “ideal” student paper to define those goals and features.

Also, an instructor-annotated student paper can be very helpful as a model for students.

Also available is a non-video handout: Jim Vileta, Business Librarian at the University of Minnesota, provides examples of APA citations for all major business resources and types of information.

Part of a much larger Business Research Launch Pad.

To teach young children about prejudice, consider ways to have them imagine life from other points of view.

From an early age, children can be taught to take the perspective of others, empathizing with those who are disadvantaged and taking action to correct social wrongs.The activities below offer just a few examples of how this might be done.Have students go through an entire day imagining that they are in a wheelchair.Tell students that these unfair images are known as "stereotypes." To illustrate, show students 5-10 examples of stereotypes taken from book illustrations, cartoons, greeting cards, lunch boxes, and other sources.When showing each stereotypic image, hold up an accurate image at the same time so that students can see the difference, and ask students to point out what's wrong with the stereotype.Although elementary school students may seem too young for assignments about prejudice and discrimination, even young children are capable of understanding issues of fairness and favoritism.Studies have found that children show ingroup preferences and favoritism as early as age 3 or 4, and that racial and gender stereotyping follow soon after.Older students may even write a report on what actions they took to increase accessibility in their community.In class, explain that sometimes groups of people are presented in unfair ways that either distort how they look (e.g., yellow Chinese people) or make everyone in the group look the same (e.g., Native Americans wearing feathers).This includes a several step reading process and suggestions for applied theory.Writing a Case Analysis https:// to read a case study, and how to write an analysis of it, from the University of New South Wales.


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