University Of Chicago College Essay Prompts

The following thought processes will also work well for most “Why This College” essays.When considering your learning: Here you want to look up specific programs and classes.The school prioritizes writing across the disciplines, so you want to make sure your supplemental essays are tidy, insightful, and maybe even a little offbeat.

For example, if you’re interested in international business, describe how you plan to double major in Chinese and Economics and then spend a semester in Beijing. If you’re not able to visit the campus in person, take a virtual tour, meet with representatives at a college fair, and look at their brochures.

Do your homework so you can speak with sincerity about the resources of UChicago, and how you can see yourself flourishing there.

Utilizing the “tree-mail” example, UChicago is interested to hear what physical objects you value in your life.

You have the freedom to choose anything in the world as long as it’s something personal to you.

Regardless of the content of your letter, you should aim for a sweet, humorous tone.

This is your opportunity to engage with your silly side while providing a well thought out letter that expresses why you value a certain object.

The University of Chicago has an acceptance rate of 8.4%, and its application process can be daunting for even the most stellar applicants.

The University of Chicago is well known for its rigorous academics, heavy emphasis on scholarship, and beautiful campus.

It’s the humdrum essay that has the ability to influence the admissions committee to admit you as a student as much as it can turn the committee the other direction and keep you out.

The second, the extended essay, is a choice from a series of quirky and provocative questions inspired by current students and alumni, and these change each year.


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