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As a student, you would be aware that good writing is a matter of a lot of thoroughness.

When you are using another person’s work, it can be carried out in two ways; quoting or paraphrasing that work.

When you seek the guidance of dissertation literature review writing service they will keep you informed about paraphrasing and quoting in your literature review.

You can use paraphrases and quotes even to increase the depth of your writing.

with no-plagiarism takes a great sense of education and skills to write the unique and anti-plagiarism dissertation and thesis which is not so possible for every student to write perfectly.

When used, quotations should be smoothly integrated into the text.

Writers need to make sure that they do not quote too much and too often.As will be discussed here, quotations must also be contextualised, properly introduced and identified.Below, information is given about the following aspects of quoting: The prevalence of quotations differs between disciplines, and writers need to comply with the conventions of their specific field.Quoting Paraphrasing What is the essence of paraphrasing? Yes of course you are doing your own research;by doing paraphrasing you are bringing in an existing theory to your research.Delving more into when to paraphrase and when to quote Use direct quotations only if you have a fair reason.Sometimes, it so happens that the student gets stressed by the writing task and start searching for a substitute which is nothing but plagiarism.But he/she should remember that just as there is no shortcut to success, he/she should also take plagiarism seriously.Besides, understand that you should write in your own words for most part of the paper.It is essential that the paraphrase or quote has contributed value to your current research.To avoid the plagiarism make sure to reference correctly.The most common reference errors you to have look through.


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