Using Animals For Scientific Research Essay

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Firstly, different research institutions in the world say that with the help of such experiments, there is still live of Earth. The testing of cosmetics is also held upon animals; the components of cosmetic tools can cause irritation, burn, inflammation and other complications.

The scientific centers make us sure that save methods of research only are used. The vaccine may be prepared incorrectly or it may not work. But even those animals, whose life is protected, can get badly injured.

Or at least, some drugs which may have positive effect on human’s body, can affect of animals in a harmful way. None of us can imagine the pain during the experiments.

When there are medical researches concerning new viruses discovery taking place, it is important to find out how this or that virus would affect the animals. The result of such researches lies in the fact that new kinds of medicines appear.

Later they can be used to save people who suffer from these viruses.

As a result of an unsuccessful research, the animal welfare act can do nothing about it. People don’t complain about it, as the chicken should be eaten for the person to live. Well, this question: whether to use animal for scientific researches or not is still worth being considered, as there is no one strict opinion on it.

The other side of the problem concerns the animals which people consumes every day when they have a meal. But the scientific and biological researches are also conducted for making the life of people safer and better, don’t they? The worldwide animal defense communities cannot answer it either.

There is also an opinion that these animal experiments also save the lives of animals.

When the biologists work on finding new vaccines, they, first of all, try it on the animal; in such way the animal is vaccinated and is endangered from suffering from illnesses.

The other situation is when scientists have to work in some dangerous areas (ocean depth, cold weather, etc).

It is possible to use animals as pioneers in order to save the scientists’ lives so that they could continue to work on their discoveries.


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