Values Attitudes And Satisfaction Organizational Behavior Ppt

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Chapter 3: Attitudes and Job Satisfaction How attitude and job satisfaction, or lack thereof, affects the workplace.

Main Components of Attitude Attitudes: Evaluative statements or judgements concerning objects, people, or events.

Although similar the above attitudes are closely related and they overlap, but they are still separated for the time being as useful tools.

Job Satisfaction Measuring Job Satisfaction is important, even though the topic is broad.

how you think about yourself affects if you like your job.

Employee Responses to Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Exit: Dissatisfaction expressed through behavior directed toward leaving the organization. Voice: Dissatisfaction expressed through active and constructive attempts to improve conditions. Loyalty: Dissatisfaction expressed passively waiting for the conditions to improve.

Sometimes, attitudes follow text example is an made car owner, who has a change of heart after being given a new We call Cognitive Dissonance: Any incapability between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes.

People take actions between their behavior and their attitudes, and rationalize it afterwards.

Employee Engagement: An involvement with, satisfaction with, and enthusiasm for the work he or she does.

Are you actively involved, or just mentally checked out at your job?


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