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If you do search for dissertations in the online catalog, you should add "and north carolina" to try and weed out dissertations from other schools, but this can lead to false drops and omissions.Finding Theses While some theses may be found in Dissertations & Theses, thesis coverage is not nearly as comprehensive as dissertation coverage in that database. If searching for a known author or title, searching the online catalog is the most efficient way to search.Although most dissertations are in the online catalog, dissertations before 1964 have no subject headings.

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A sample search: title = Spenser and the diction of allegory : some uses of wordplay in the Faerie Queene The online catalog does not offer an easy way to limit a subject search to master's theses.

There is no group subject heading or subheading like "theses" for them.

To determine if a copy of an honors thesis can be obtained, contact the North Carolina Collection.

To find Undergraduate Honors Theses in the catalog you can also use the Boolean Search feature of the Advanced UNC-CH Catalog to perform Keyword Searches.

Do a keyword search for "honors essay" (with quotation marks) and then limit your search results to "North Carolina Collection" using the "Location" category in the left-hand column.

A sample search: shakespeare and "honors essay" – then limit to North Carolina Collection Remember that Honors Theses lack subject indexing, so Keyword principally searches title and author fields.It is an open-access source that houses user-submitted theses and dissertations and also other works by instructors and researchers affiliated with UND-Chapel Hill.However, as it houses works besides theses and dissertation and is relatively new, it may not pull up older works.For copies of papers completed since 1994, contact the Manager of the Master of Public Administration Program (Knapp-Sanders Bldg., CB# 3330, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3330, Phone: 919-966-5381, Fax: 919-962-0654, Email Contact Form).UNC-Chapel Hill Master's Paper Collection Full-text copies of master's papers can be found: Undergraduate Honors Theses (through 2012) are in the North Carolina Collection.It is advisable to enter the "phd" both ways because of spacing variations.A sample search: However, as noted above, Dissertations & Theses is the most efficient way to search for dissertations on a topic.It is advisable to enter the "ma" both ways because of spacing variations.A sample search: shakespeare and (thesis ma or thesis m a) and "north carolina" Finding Master's Papers Some departments do not have an official thesis but instead require a major paper or report.They can be found using the card catalog located in that collection or the online catalog.They do not have subject headings unless they are about North Carolina. Some departmental libraries also have copies but these are also non-circulating.


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