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The bank of my dreams would use its superpowers to be one step ahead of me.I remember the day when I Googled “United Airlines” and a little card popped up with the details and current flight status of the recent flight I bought.

The bank of my dreams would use its superpowers to be one step ahead of me.I remember the day when I Googled “United Airlines” and a little card popped up with the details and current flight status of the recent flight I bought.

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But the banks that exist today choose to stand on the sidelines protecting the business they have today and leveraging technology merely as a cheaper customer acquisition and servicing tool.

I’ve spent alot of time recently thinking about what the bank of my dreams would look like, and I’d like to share that dream.

The bank of my dreams has a clear mission to help me achieve financial health.

There are known paths to achieve financial well-being.

But when you ask people about their dreams you often hear about money.

Financial issues are the leading cause of stress in relationships and are frequently linked to health issues.We might chat about how much I spent last week on Uber rides or how my Verizon bill is 20% higher than it was last month.She may send me a podcast to listen too about the most affordable cities in the US for new families.My bank’s KPI’s would be my rising credit score and every overdraft would be viewed as a defect.This probably isn’t the bank for everyone, but some of the most powerful brands in the world including Apple and Southwest Airlines have built incredibly profitable businesses and beloved brands by having an un-compromised and unapologetic point of view about how their products should be experienced.How cool would it be if my bank could use all the rich transaction data is has to improve the quality of my life.Imagine if exchange rates, flights delays, ATM locations and directions from my Airport to hotel were all delivered to me by my bank.The bank of my dreams would be with me 24/7 with relevant insights and advice.My banker and I would have ongoing imessage/what’s app/slack chat thread.Banks have invested in these different capabilities in the name of choice, but in doing so, they’ve shifted the burden of managing that complexity to the customer.Services like Netflix and Pandora took the complexity out of choosing movies and music.


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