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The sodium hydroxide, a base, neutralized the acidic mixture. After every step in the process, use a sentence to explain why that step was taken.Notice also how the amount of substance was recorded.Carefully paraphrase the procedure given to allow for explanations of the individual steps.

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Without a course correction, the result will be program insolvency, crowding out of important public priorities, and a growing federal debt.

Given how central health care spending is to the federal budget, it is important to understand how that spending is distributed and how it will grow.

“Housing has a pivotal role in the modern story of income distribution.

Since housing has relatively broad ownership, it does not conform to the traditional story of labor versus capital, nor can its growth be easily explained with many of the stories commonly proposed for the income split elsewhere in the economy—the bargaining power of labor, the growing role of technology, and so on.” “Beyond housing, the results in this paper suggest that concern about inequality should be shifted away from the split between capital and labor, and toward other aspects of distribution, such as the within-labor distribution of income.

Although the net capital share has at times seen dramatic shifts both up and down, away from housing its long-term movement has been quite small, and there is not strong reason to suspect that this pattern will change going forward,” Rognlie concludes.

The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, and a large share of that spending comes from the federal government.

Procedure sections are written in many different formats.

We will use a method commonly used in chemical literature.

Assignment: Write a procedural section for the lab “DNA – God’s Ultimate Design.” Use a passive, past tense, third person format explaining the purpose for each step.

Do not forget – do not start any sentence with a number!!! Is the procedure section written in the past tense? Is the procedure section written in the passive voice?


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