What The Modern Woman Wants Essay

What The Modern Woman Wants Essay-22
Vincent needed money to have an influence in politics.He doesn’t love his wife, but the power is all that he wants now and he is ready to pay any price for it.

Alison falls ill and dies and her death makes Mary be stronger and now she lives without friend who was a part of her life.

Years passed, and Mary remembers her father, a happy smiling man whose life was full of joy because he did what he liked.

For a long time, though, there was a shame that I carried with me.

I'm an Italian Catholic—I grew up with a lot of guilt.

But what I've started to realize is that my rebelliousness, if you want to call it that, is something that was passed along to me by a long line of tough people—and tough women—in my family.

My mother and my grandmothers are without a doubt the most powerful female forces in my life.

Society puts a great pressure on her, that is why she need to be strong and not to fall for temptation.

She can’t just do what she wants, because people won’t understand her.

But Mary doesn’t want to be with the man who betrayed her, although she doesn’t blame him.

She refuses to harm another woman, his wife and their little daughter.


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