World Literature 1 Essay

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World literature is the totality of all national literatures.

The formation of literature in different countries happened not at the same time, which is connected with the emergence of writing and artistic creativity.

They enrich each other borrowing certain literary elements.

There are a lot of scientific works on world literature, which explain the peculiarities of this phenomenon.

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In the past, the spread of money — what Marx called the “universal equivalent,” for its ability to serve as an empty vessel of exchange value — strengthened rather than weakened national boundaries and languages.

It wasn’t so much “world literature” as vernacular literature — composed in Florentine Italian, say, rather than universal Latin — that developed alongside international finance in northern Italy in the late 15th century.

As a concept, world literature emerged only in the 19 century when the literary connections of different countries had spread and strengthened.

The term “world literature” was introduced by Jogann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe studied the characteristic features and interrelationships of different national literatures, the tendencies of their development and their achievements.


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