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I disagree with this view and believe that such sports can easing international tensions and bring people together.

Firs of all, the history has shown that extreme competitions could even interrupt battles and nations together to stadiums.

For the first body paragraph, you used really difficult words, so I do not know if it use them correctly or not.

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By doing this state authorities are giving false impressions and somehow encouraging biasness.

In future these issue can sparkle numerous debates and adversely affect to economy of a country.These profession are related to the well being of society and lead to many new discoveries for mankind.Albeit, these are highly respectable professions yet government does not pay them according to their working hours.To embark with, there are various professions which highly attract human beings such as doctor, engineer, astronaut etc.These all professions need hard work with concerted efforts.Hi Anu, I have read your essay, I think it is really good.it is easy to read and you met all the task achievement. For me, I find the second body paragraph is much more easy to read and follow.Next, they win various championship to make their nation proud and make their country respectable among other nations.finally,they also work harder than other professions when do practice in ground despite of sunlight or winter season difficulties.In compendium and In my opinion it is undoubtedly fair to give huge pay to sport persons in order to meet their basic needs or to maintain their lifestyle.Furthermore, we are setting a bad example for the youngsters as they grow up witnessing how our society do not reward the hard work.Nevertheless, other people assert that athletes deserve their salary.


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