Write An Essay On Conflict Resolution In Organization

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Example: Your parent group wants the local high school to change its American history textbook. You come to the School Committee and say, "The only textbook that works for us is , and that's final!You feel that the textbook doesn't represent the history of African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans in the U. " You have presented a position rather than your interests.

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Look at all of the interests you have listed, for you and for your opponents, and look for common interests.

Often both parties share many interests -- for example, both groups may want stability and public respect. Hold the meeting in a different environment from your usual setting.

Our daily lives offer plenty of opportunities for negotiation - between parents and children, co-workers, friends, etc., and as a result, you probably already have a variety of effective strategies for resolving minor conflicts.

But for more serious conflicts, and conflicts between groups rather than individuals, you may need some additional skills.

How, for example, should you structure a meeting between your group and your opponent?

When should you settle, and when should you fight for more?

How should you react if your opponent attacks you personally?

Read on for more information on specific conflict resolution techniques.

Here are some questions to ask yourself so that you can better define the conflict.

Inerests play an important role in better understanding conflict.


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