Writing A Chemistry Lab Report

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If you have been using websites then you may have a problem as they might not provide a reference section for you to copy. (issue number), page numbers A simple way to write your reference section is use Google scholar.

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This means the studies outlined should lead logically into your aims and hypotheses.• Do be concise and selective, avoid the temptation to include anything in case it is relevant (i.e.

don't write a shopping list of studies).• Don’t turn this introduction into an essay.• Don’t spell out all the details of a piece of research unless it is one you are replicating.• Do include any relevant critical comment on research, but take care that your aims remain consistent with the literature review. You do not need to include wholesale replication of materials – instead include a ‘sensible’ (illustrate) level of detail.

You should show that you truly understood the concepts and the processes of a proper lab work.

It needs to be fully customized for your day-to-day work and not written on some online template page.

Your style should be brief, but not using note form. It should aim to explain very briefly (about 150 words) the following:• Start with a one/two sentence summary, providing the aim and rationale for the study.• Describe participants and setting: who, when, where, how many, what groups?

• Describe the method: what design, what experimental treatment, what questionnaires, surveys or tests used.• Describe the major findings, which may include a mention of the statistics used and the significance levels, or simply one sentence summing up the outcome.

If your hypothesis is unlikely, why are you testing it? Describe the precise procedure you followed when carrying out your research i.e. Describe in sufficient detail to allow for replication of findings.

• Write a paragraph explaining what you plan to investigate and why. Be concise in your description and omit extraneous / trivial details. you don't need to include details regarding instructions, debrief, record sheets etc.

The abstract comes at the beginning of your report but is written at the end.

The abstract provides a concise and comprehensive summary of a research report.


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