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My success has driven me to create change in others as I did in myself.Taking the next step towards leadership, I ran to become President of Lodi High School, with my platform of creating change granting me victory.I overcame my early struggles, going from a remedial to principal AP calculus student.

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His passion for learning eventually earned him another scholarship to study in America.

Though I was not raised in La Vega, I draw inspiration from my father's example.

Whether it be through tutoring summer school students or speaking to thousands, I have emulated the characteristics of a leader my father had growing up.

The son of a farmer and brother to eleven siblings, my father yearned to understand the world.

Being a thirteen-year old teenager, I reluctantly agreed to watch my cousin, Sophia.

While anticipating Sponge Bob's next move, Sophia appeared stymied by a problem. I muted the TV while explaining it in child jargon.Sponge Bob had gone to commercial, so I approached her. Watching the spark ignite in her eyes after understanding multiplication sparked a fire within me.At first she appeared reticent, but at that moment an inner self took control. At that moment, I realized I had the ability to create change.While my peers won academic awards, I watched from the sidelines.The true leader within me awoke one night while babysitting.Being elected president has strengthened my ability to be a leader.I have urged students that anyone can go from failing to principal's list as I did.To support the family, he tended neighboring farms; work became the top priority.Nevertheless, my father could not contain his zeal for knowledge.He has bestowed upon me a deep gratitude for education, a passion for learning, and the spirit to pursue my endeavors.His story taught me that the path set before us may not be meant for us.


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