Writing A Medical Research Paper

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Pick up the introduction pile and spread these papers out before you.Then grab your pencil, keyboard, or Dictaphone, and start.

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Literature searches should be at least 2 months current at the time of the paper submission.

Photocopy the articles and number in order of greatest relevance.

Put your sketchy outline in the middle of your desk.

Find the references you marked for each particular section and stack them in four piles corresponding to the four sections of the manuscript.

Young investigators often finish the data collection and analysis phases of their projects flush with the enthusiasm of finally arriving at an answer, only to find that enthusiasm dwindle as they make their first attempts to write the manuscript.

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Indeed, the number of abstracts presented at national meetings far exceeds the number of manuscripts that ultimately are published in the medical literature [1].

Here is one timetable: Strongly consider a formal search by the reference librarians because they tend to do a better job of it.

Request all articles with direct relevance to your topic, but be pragmatic: you can waste a lot of time reading articles that are off the mark.

This will be your preliminary reference list and can be used for callouts (reference numbers at end of sentences) as you work through the drafts.

Do not worry that your final reference list will use different numbering: reordering can be easily done by shuffling and renumbering the papers for the final reference list. To be sure, many younger authors will doubtless prefer software reference programs (such as End Note) to the paper methods just described.


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