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Research Strategy Research strategy is a generalbroad plan which shows that in which wayhow this research will go on, and how researcher person will answers the questions that has been set by the person conducting the researcher.It will containhave clear objectives, derived from research question that specify the source from which researcher person intendbe going to to collect data and consider the constraintsconstraintlimitations that research peopleers will inevitably have such as access to data like , time, location and money, ethical issues (saunders, 2000).This method reliesdepends on controlled methods, random assignment, and the manipulation of variables to test a hypothesis.

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Hence the aimintend is not to make any simplification, but instead establishset up a closer contact with the objectives of priorpreceding research, which intendhave it in mind to provide us a deeper understanding of the participants’ attitudes and perceptions.

Finally my intentionobjective with this research is to describe, and explore, and find complete and detailed information about the issues of Internet banking adoption in Pakistan, so quantitative qualitative approach is the most suitable method for my research.

A case study is a written descriptionexplanation of a problem or situation and typicallynormally examines the interplay of all variables in order tofor providinge ass complete an understanding of an event or situation as possible.

Case study is preferredideal when the researcher has littleslight control over the events, and when there is a contemporaryup to date focus within a real life context.

The purposerationale of a case study is to place participants in the role of decision- makers, asking them to distinguishdifferentiate relevant from unimportant facts, to identify central alternatives among severalnumerous issues competing for attention, and to formulateprepare strategies and policy recommendations (Yin, 1994).

Experiments The experimental method involves manipulating one variable to determinedecide if changes in one variable causeground changes in another variable.Exploratory research helps conclude the best research design, data collection methodtechnique and selectionchoice of subjects, and sometimes it even concludesconcluderesults that the problem does not existbe present.Exploratory research is quite informalcasual, when it relying on secondary researches such as reviewing available literature, data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions with consumerscustomers, employees, management or competitorscompetitoropponents, and more formal approaches through in-depthin depth interviews, focus groups, projective methods, case studies or pilot studies (Yin, 1994).Descriptive research is used when the objectivegoal is to provide a systematic description defination that is as factual and accurateexact as possible or when the problem is well structuredordered and there is no intentionobjective to investigatestudy cause/effect relation.It provideprovidess you the number of occurrencestimes something occurshappens, or frequency, lends leads itself to statistical calculationscalculationcomputation such as determining calculating the average number of occurrences or central tendencies (Yin, 1994).Thusso to gain deeper understanding of the issues in the Pakistani context, this research is conducted as a qualitative study to explore the perception of internet banking in Pakistani community.The Usinge of this approach provides richer and forensic detailsparticulars for exploring viewpoints in the early stage of research.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.This method is specificallyspecially used to describe the content, structure and function of the data which collected for the research.Analysis of Archival Information The purpose of this techniquemethod is to describeexplain the incidence or prevalencepervasiveness of a phenomenon (Zikmund, 1994).


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