Wuthering Heights Essays On Revenge

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For proof of this, one needs to look no further than his actions toward Hearton Earnshaw over the course of the Heathcliff’s tenure as master of Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff literally spends most every waking moment reveling in and furthering his domination and maltreatment of Hearton to stick his thumb in the eye of Hindley.

While an argument could be made that, Heathcliff's actions toward Cathy are an attempt to win back her favor after being spurned, one would need to look no further than Brontë’s description of Heathcliff’s “mourning” to see how truly and fundamentally wrong this argument is.

The main characters, Catherine and Heathcliff, show these actions time and time again.

They occur because of the other, much like the yin and the yang. In Wuthering Heights, there are two different types of love shown: platonic caricature of an evangelical, may have been inspired by her aunt's religiosity.

There can be no question as to the motivations of Heathcliff for the vast majority of the book, as he is quite clearly obsessed with revenge (Which is nothing unusual in Wuthering Heights2) , be it against his adopted sister Catherine Linton (for denying him her love), his adopted brother Hindley Earnshaw (for years of abuse), his archrival and, to an extent, foil Edgar Linton (for marrying the woman he loved), or the children of these three.

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To state it in a simple manner, no actions of Heathcliff (with the exception of moments in his childhood, which can easily be discounted due to his young age) can be considered the result of any emotion that is not anger and indignation.Both Lord Byron and Mary Heathcliff's life to be products of his nurture, his nature has to be taken into account too.When he imprisons Cathy and Nelly Dean in Wuthering Heights so he can gain control over Thrushcross Grange he may be acting to get revenge, but this is not the only possible way; when he marries Isabella out of spite, it was unnecessary- it seems that Heathcliff's nurture has highlighted an evil side to Heathcliff that lies quiescent at first. First of all, there is Heathcliff, a pitiful man driven by his obsession for Catherine and revenge.In the methodical way onlyknown by a man incensed with an unfulfilled love, Heathcliff moves on to take revenge onthe man most responsible for his unhappiness, Edgar Linton.After becoming rich and Do you feel that ‘Wuthering Heights’ celebrates the perfect love between Catherine and Heathcliff or do you see their love as deeply flawed?In Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff’s obsession with love, revenge, and status is a prominent theme that eventually causes the characters’ downfall.The theme obsession of love is evident throughout the novel.For example, Heathcliff is described as “Black-eye[d]” [Brontë,1], “Dark skinned” [Brontë, 3] and a “dirty boy” [Brontë, 32]; obviously, black has sinister connotations, and darkness or uncleanliness in relation to the soul is a common metaphor for evil.On the converse, Edgar Linton is described as blue eyed with a perfect forehead [Brontë, 34] and “soft featured…As readers, we are drawn to the love and passion possessed by Heathcliff and Catherine, even though it represents evil and intensity of emotions and artistic subtlety.Wuthering Heights is an exquisite blend of realism and romance that makes it a classic love story that haunts us till today.


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